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Rabbinical Relationship Counseling, or Couples Counseling, offers a deeply compassionate and holistic approach to nurturing […]

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Rabbinical Relationship Counseling, or Couples Counseling, offers a deeply compassionate and holistic approach to nurturing relationship health and harmony. Rooted in the wisdom of Judaism, rabbinical couples counseling focuses on the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit within a partnership. Drawing from Jewish teachings and traditions, a rabbinical counselor provides a safe and supportive space for couples to explore their dynamic, deepen their emotional connection, and navigate challenges together, fostering a deeper sense of unity and understanding.

Through the lens of ancient Jewish wisdom, couples are guided to explore their individual needs and desires and the shared values and beliefs that form the foundation of their relationship. By incorporating spiritual practices, psychotherapy techniques, and Jewish wisdom, rabbinical couples counseling offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to addressing communication issues, conflict resolution, intimacy struggles, and other relational challenges. This integrative approach not only helps couples strengthen their bond but also supports each partner in their personal growth and spiritual development within the context of their relationship.

Relationship counseling aims to foster harmony, connection, and growth within partnerships, honoring the sacred nature of love and commitment. By providing a nurturing and non-judgmental environment, rabbinical counselors assist couples in deepening their emotional intimacy, resolving conflicts effectively, and rekindling the spark of love and understanding. This approach to couples counseling embraces the natural interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, guiding couples toward a more balanced, fulfilling, and spiritually aligned relationship journey.

In addition to traditional couple’s counseling, our practice also recognizes the unique needs and challenges faced by polyamorous couples and groups. We are proud to offer unions of up to 6 people, with an additional charge of only 10 dollars per person after 4 individuals. This limitation is due to facility size, but we would like to remind everyone that this restriction is waived on telehealth or an off-site appointment.


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